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I tattoo in Los Angeles, Contact for an

I'm simply passionate about becoming the best tattoo artist and illustrator I can be. I believe I am born for this purpose and plan to leave the biggest mark in history I can before my days of being immortal are over.

I graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2004 with a focus in Illustration. Since that day I haven't stopped learning and pushing and gaining ground. I've worked in the design/illustration field since 2004 where I developed custom logos, worked heavily in the t-shirt industry and am working in Los Angeles, California.

I always say to myself and in blogs that I write or talks that I give that we all have to find our own path. I believe this is true. I hope to always produce something you have never seen before and provide the best solution possible for every need presented before me.

Besides my love for drawing I am crazy in love with my wife Courtenay and am seriously not macho with my dog Mia, God help me! And METAL is the only music worth listening to!

Realize you are created for a purpose then become a dream chaser!