Various company's illustrations

Various company's illustrations and concepts


Various company's illustrations and concepts

Various company's illustrations and concepts

 Album art for TORSO MURDER

Logo design for TORSO MURDER

Drum head of artwork for TORSO MURDER

Concert shot of scrims and drum head for TORSO MURDER


Spent  sometime in winter developing these awesome posters. These are for velvet poster products...all copyrights to DARICE INC.

In the fall 2012 I completed this piece for The Life and Death Gallery show in Cleveland, Ohio. I didn't want to show skulls and some "dead scene." So My thoughts are the circle of life. We face good, bad, ugly, kind, beautiful and every emotion and situation. The center piece reflects the strength we find within to with stand circumstances and press on and press though and become victorious. I can see this becoming a silk screen print and possibly a tee design for my tee line Establish the Frontline...we'll see.

Out of the blue emailer asked for a  shoulder piece that said Yahweh in Hebrew. I had fun designing this with scrolls and patterns.

Back in May 2012 I was asked to develop a vector pack for DARICE who provide products for Pat Catans, Michael's and other craft like stores. This was probably one of the most fun jobs I worked on. I'm always nervous when getting ready to show my portfolio to a company other than tattoo shops and gyms....because I could look like I dabble in the!!!! But the awesome people at DARICE wanted to see the "evil" stuff!?!? AND therefore requested a Halloween pack. I actually made the first run not so scary, they were not feeling it,,,uh oh. SO I decided to bring the war hammer and rip the face off this dude. They love it!! So here is what should be products and sticker packs. (Thanks to friend Erin Schechtman for the hook up)

I had the pleasure to work with Harley Davidson in Cleveland, Ohio. This illustration was for their annual Mac and Cheese Bake Off in October 2011. (Design was pieced together by Aaron Erb)

I had another opportunity to create a custom tattoo for a client. The word is "kuningas" which is Finnish for king or ruler. I had a lot of fun with the script. The design was a little bit of a challenge though. Finding the balance between the flag of Finland, the text and continent of Finland took a few versions but we nailed it.

Here is the final..Tattooed by Ron Antonick at Gen X Tattoo in Willoughby, Ohio

It's one thing to create a drawing or painting for a shirt or editorial piece but for a tattoo is pretty awesome. Client requested a full chest piece illustration to honor his family and friends in the armed forces. You can view the making of in my SKETCHBLOG. Tattoo artist is Matt Terry from Fu's Custom Tattoos in North Carolina. Stages of tattoo work will be posted on sketchbook also.


Here is the final...pretty sick!

Painted skatedeck in acrylic, check out SKETCH BLOG to see development of painting.

Cover of corrupted county commissioner Jimmy Dimora. Painted in Photoshop.

Illustrated cover and inner jacket for band's first ep.

These are posters I created for various bands.  All of these prints are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing please contact me at


Firefighter asked for some fire fighting chicks. I guess their not exactly fighting fire.

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  1. Great Line Work! Reminds me of Heavy Metal and Savage Sword of Conan!