Friday, November 9, 2012


Here is my first ever political shirt. Pretty insane. I definitely was educated on the history of the U.S.A. Here is a brief description from my client.

This illustration represents how The Federal Reserve , the dragon who IS a private bank NOT the government. The Federal Reserve Act was signed On Dec 23 1913. This act was signed to form a central bank in order to control U.S. currency and print Federal Reserve bank notes. 

The native American on the left is the result of manipulation of our currency in the hands of a few from the Federal Reserve.

The characters on the right are people that want more transparency from the Fed and want their own U.S. Bank notes back. They want U.S. currency NOT Federal Reserve currency.

The pyramid at the bottom is filled with presidents that are controlled by the Federal Reserve. 

The gold and silver represent our wealth but we gave that up to a private corporation to print our currency when we had the power to print it all along and become wealthy ourselves.



  1. This is awesome. I've listened to people lecture about "the Beast from Jekyll Island" many times.... but you really bring the conspiracy to life here. I trust your client was pleased.

  2. Fantastic Illustration! The Federal Reserve is owned by US and International Banks. They are printing Trillions of worthless paper which will eventually tank the Country.