Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life and Death in Black and White gallery show

Hey Friends:  I will a part of the "Life and Death in Black and White" gallery show at Loren Naji Studio opening next Friday Nov. 2nd along with some amazing artist I am freaking honored to share the stage with. Great thanks to James Bulloch and Marty Geramita for the invite and all your hard work. I'm sure it's been exhausting.

So here is my piece. "The Eye of the Storm." My storyline behind it is we all face good, bad, positive, negative in life...this is represented by the characters in the out side ring, the koi, dragonfly, wind, water and dragon. In the middle is where one finds their inner strength to endure, overcome, love, hate and simply live life.

Hope many of you can make this show. Good job Cleveland for representing some brutally talented illustrators.

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