Friday, June 24, 2011


Just want to share some photos from WMC FEST 2011.  I was damn proud of this fest. I was very proud to be a Clevelander and that Jeff Finley and many supporting cast members put together such a great venue of artists, bands, entrepreneurs, printers and the list goes on.  I met so many awesome people from many different states. I think the farthest was Dan Christoferson-Utah and Aaron Draplin-Oregon and Raji -Florida.
So here is to a great fest,can't wait for next year!

 Outside of the Reinberger Auditorium.

 Inside of Wall Eye Gallery. Pictured Studio Ace of Spade, Dan Christofferson

Sunday morning set up

This dude was awesome Not only did I get the thumbs up but he suggested t-shirts with ringers.

Fun challenge to make a display.

Cleveland provides many services

Aaron Draplin, last speaker..AWESOME.

Support Team Draplin.

I tried getting through a drawing during the fest. Started from scratch. I've been hooked on lotus flowers and scrolls for a while.

One great speaker after another. Research David Gensler...whoa!

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